New Server Events for S5 Dead Mines

Time : 2017-05-05 05:05

Event : Top-up any amount of money to get 3 star goddess

Time: Permanent

Details: First Top-up any amount of money can get 3 star magic Archer Windrunner, also get great pack worth 2888 diamonds. Each account only gets one chance

Rewards: Windrunner *1, Gold*200000, Mini-Divine Stone *2000, Magicbow, Super EXP Potion*10


Event: Login rewards

Duration: 7 days since create character

Details: Continuous login for 7 days to get gem, reputation, Frostranger and rare gear. Now or never. Don’t miss it.


1st Day: Gold *200000 , Badge*50

2nd Day: Divine Crystal*1, Farming card * 50, Diamond*200
3rd Day: Gold *50000, Diamond*300, Lv.4 Gem(c)*1

4th Day: Farming card * 80 , Advanced Badge(c)* 50, Lv.35 L-Weapon(c)*1

5th Day: Gold *800000, Diamond* 400, Divine Crystal*1 *3
6th Day: Farming card*100,
Roasted Wing*4, Shard *8000
7th Day: Gold *1000000, Diamond*600* 1, Frostwyrm *1


Event: Feedback rewards for accumulative top up

DurationTwo weeks

DetailsDuring the event, accumulative top-up certain amount of money to get rare hero and feedback rewards.


1st Week:

Accumulative Top-up $19.9Roasted Wing*2Farming Card*20Devastator (Soul)*10Shard *8000

Accumulative Top-up $49.9Roasted Wing*2Farming Card*20Devastator (Soul)*20Lv.35 L-Trinket Design(c),

Accumulative Top-up $109.9Roasted Wing*2Farming Card*30Devastator (Soul)*30Lv.35 L-Gear Design(c)

Accumulative Top-up $209.9Roasted Wing*2Farming Card*30Devastator (Soul)*40Recommended Trinket for Devastator Guard*2

Accumulative Top-up $309.9Roasted Wing*2Farming Card*30Amberlord (Soul)*5Recommended Armors for Amberlord Guard*2

Accumulative Top-up $409.9Shish Kebab*1Farming Card*40Amberlord (Soul)*10Recommended Weapon for Amberlord Guard*2

Accumulative Top-up $599.9Shish Kebab*1Farming Card*40Amberlord (Soul)*15

Accumulative Top-up $799.9Shish Kebab*1Farming Card*50Amberlord (Soul)*30


Accumulative Top-up $1199.9Shish Kebab*2Farming Card*50Amberlord (Soul)*40


Accumulative Top-up $1599.9Shish Kebab*2Farming Card*80Demonhunter (Soul)*30


Accumulative Top-up $2399.9Shish Kebab*2Farming Card*80Demonhunter (Soul)*50

Accumulative Top-up $3999.9Shish Kebab*3Farming Card*100Demonhunter (Soul)*100

Event: VIP Packs
Time: Permanent
Details: During the event, reach required VIP level to buy corresponding giftpacks!
VIP1 Rewards
Gold*50000  Enchantress (Soul)*5       Small EXP Potion*10         Farming Card*20

VIP2 RewardsGold*100000         Enchantress (Soul)*5       Small EXP Potion*20         Farming Card*30    
VIP3 Rewards
Gold*150000         Enchantress (Soul)*10     Medium EXP Potion*10   Farming Card*50 
VIP4 Rewards
Gold*200000         Blademaster (Soul)*10    Lv.35 L-Trinket Design(c)*1      Small Reputation Stone*10

VIP5 RewardsSmall Divine Stone(c)*10       Blademaster (Soul)*20    Lv.35 L-Weapon Design(c)*1    Lv.3 Moongem*3     Lv.4 Gem(c)*2
Gold*300000 Blademaster (Soul)*30  Lv.35 L-Armor Design Ches*1 Lv.4 Ruby*3      Lv.4 Moongem*3     Small Reputation Stone*20
VIP7 Rewards
Gold*500000        Blademaster (Soul)*40    Lv.35 L-Trinket(c)*1 Lv.4 Jade*4       Lv.4 Coregem*3       Divine Crystal*5
VIP8 Rewards
Gold*1000000       Blademaster (Soul)*50    Lv.35 L-Armor(c)*1  Lv.5 Ruby*3      Lv.5 Pebble*3   Small Divine Stone(c)*30
VIP9 Rewards
Medium Reputation Stone *10     Darkwyrm(Soul)*10 Lv.35 L-Weapon(c)*1        Lv.6 Moongem*3*2 Lv.5 Metagem*3     Lv.5 Darkgem*3
VIP10 Rewards
Gold*3000000     Darkwyrm(Soul)*20 Lv.35 L-Gear(c)*2     Large EXP Potion*50        Lv.6 Coregem*3       Lv.6 Jade*3 

VIP11 RewardsGold*8000000     Darkwyrm(Soul)*30 Lv.35 L-Gear(c)*2     Medium Divine Stone(c)*15    Lv.7 Coral*3     Lv.7 Rivcore*2

 VIP12 RewardsMedium Reputation Stone*20 Darkwyrm(Soul)*50 Lv.35 L-Gear(c)*3     Lv.7 Moongem *3    Lv. 7 Ruby*3         Lv.7 Shadowsong*3
VIP13 Rewards
Large Reputation Stone*10         Darkwyrm(Soul)*60 Lv.35 L-Gear(c)*5     Lv.8 Coral*2     Lv.7 Amber *3  Lv.7 Rivcore*3

 VIP14 RewardsSuper Reputation Stone *5        Darkwyrm(Soul)*80 Lv.8 Storm *2   Lv.8 Ruby*2    Lv.8 Moongem *2  Lv.8 Skyfire *2

VIP15 RewardsGold*50000000  DemonHunter(Soul)*150         Lv.9 Coregem*2       Lv.9 Emerald *2        Lv.9 Jade*2       Lv.9 Amethyst *2


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