Server Merge Announcement

Time : 2017-06-01 22:40

Dear players, Server 1 to server 5 will be merged from 1:40 to 2:00 on 2nd June (EST). You can't log in for around 20 minutes(S1 to s5's player). But we will make compensations to related players after server merge.

1. Players can’t log in during server merge. Please do not operate in mystic merchant. Mystic merchant will be reset.
2. Arena rankings will be reset in the server after merge. Rankings improvement rewards will be recount and sent to players.
3. The highest level hero from the same monument will be kept; if the level is the same, Hero of highest VIP EXP will be kept.
4. Suffixes will be added to teams and guilds with same names to distinguish. One free chance to change the names after the merge.
5. After server merge, please login to the same server and characters remain the same.

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