Special Events For S1 ~S8

Time : 2017-06-21 21:41

Special event for s1-s8

Event: Feedback rewards for accumulative top up

DurationJune 22~ June28 EDT June 29~ July5 EDT

DetailsDuring the event, accumulative top-up certain amount of money to get rare hero souls and feedback rewards.

June 22~ June28  Hero souls Rewards:

A Soulwalker Shaman

A+ Blademaster

S Emissary

SSS Banshee!!!


June 29~ July5

A Dwarfking Medusa

A+ Frostwyrm

S Bloodknight

SSS Demonhunter!!!



Event: Unbending Will

Time: June 24~ June25  July1~ July2

Details: Buy stamina for required times during the event to claim rewards!


Event: Consume vitality to get rewards

Time: June 22~ June23 EDT June 29~ June30 EDT

Details: During the event, consume required stamina to win rewards!


Event: Consume diamonds in a limited time to get rewards

Time: June 26~ June28 July3~ July5

Details: During the event, accumulative consume certain Stamina to get rewards


Event: Sign-in Revelry

Duration: 14 days

Details: Accumulative top-up to certain amount can get massive rewards.


Event: Limited Discount

Duration: 14 days

Details: During the event, use diamonds to exchange for growth resources!

Top-up for Extra Diamonds

Duration: June 23~ June 25 June 30~ July2

During the event time, every player can enjoy Extra Diamonds for every day’s top-up!

20%:  June 23  June 30

30%:  June 24  July 1

40%:  June 25  July 2  

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